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Gill @ RiverRowerEnglish:

Like many others, I used to work for a large IT Corporation until I had children: corporate lifestyle and children does not always work for all families. So I have retrained and am now working as a Freelance Translator (French and Italian into English), and use my previous career in this work alongside my personal interests. My specialist areas include:

  • business and commerce
  • sport (rowing, cycling and mountaineering)
  • travel and tourism

These specialist areas link to my background as a IT Project Manager (for over 10 years) and Knowledge Management Consultant, as well as my continued passion for rowing. I have been a competitive rower since I graduated from Durham University and in that time I have also been a voluntary coach for a number of crews at varying levels of ability. My love of the sport led me to choose it as my extended (7,000 words) translation for my Masters in Translation, where I developed (and continue to expand) a terminology of rowing terms.

I am a fan of cycling and love to hike in the Lake District and the Alps in the holidays.

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Prima di aver i bambini, lavorai per una grande azienda nel settore delle tecnologie dell’informazione: lo stile di vita aziendale non è ben addato alla vita familiare dunque lavoro ora come traduttrice Freelance. Le linque da cui lavoro sono italiano e francese verso inglese e mi servo delle specialità già acquisite:

  • commerciale
  • tecnologie dell’informazione
  • sport (in particolare il canottaggio)
  • lo stile di vita

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